Brian is in his final year at York University where he is completing the Bachelor of Education program. He previously graduated from McMaster University with an Honours degree in Earth and Environmental Science. As part of his community placement, he worked with students from grades 1-8 in a homework club developing learning strategies to suit individual students needs. Brian has been gaining valuable experience during his practicum placements while creating lesson plans, developing assessment strategies, and designing inquiry-based projects that are student-centred. Brian first pursued the idea of becoming a teacher while volunteering in the Dominican Republic with high school students as part of a co-op program. He valued the community and relationships that he was able to build with the students and enjoyed facilitating an environment where students were able to problem solve and seek out the answers to their own questions. Brian believes strongly in developing a growth mindset within each of his students and supporting them on their academic journey. He works to build the trust of each of his students while creating a safe learning environment where students are able to perform to their potential.