online tutoring leapfrog learning tutors

Our tutors are now offering online tutoring! This means we have significantly more flexibility to cater to our students and provide quality instruction and support. Here are a few of the benefits that our online platform offers:

  • Voice and video
  • Shared whiteboard space
  • Sketching and typing on the whiteboard 
  • Sharing of images and files by drag + drop, or taking a picture with your webcam 
  • Sessions are recorded and can be played at  faster speeds to review 
  • Sessions are converted from speech to text so students can look up content for review
  • Whiteboards are sent as a PDF to your email after sessions 

Our online tutoring platform is easy to use, accessed through a web browser or phone and offers a seamless and safe tutoring option for our students. If you’re interested in learning more about online tutoring, fill in the contact form on our website!