King City Tutors

Need a tutor in King City? We’ve got you covered!

Finding a tutor in King City doesn’t have to be difficult. At Leapfrog Learning Tutors we provide flexible and private in-home tutoring to families in King City and the surrounding area.

Our educational philosophy for tutoring focuses on developing a Growth Mindset, discovering individual study habits, and fostering in-depth subject comprehension.

Why pick a Leapfrog Learning Tutor in King City:

  • In-home tutoring provides an easier, more comfortable and personalized learning solution that student’s don’t always get in the classroom
  • You can feel confident and comfortable knowing you’re getting a screened and trained Ontario Certified Teacher¬† who has a clean police check and is hand-picked for your child
  • Tutoring is personalized, effective and fun. We desire to improve your chid’s competence and confidence in learning towards success in the classroom and in life

Our King City tutors provide support in the following areas:

  • Elementary
  • High School
  • Math, Science, English and more!
  • Homework help
  • Test preparation
  • Special education
  • English Language Learning (ESL)

Call Leapfrog Learning Tutors in King City today at 1 (877) – 213 – 0281!