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What are Learning Pods?

A Learning Pod (also known as Pandemic Pods or Micro-Schools) are small groups of students who regularly gather with the goal of learning together, growing, and socializing. Oftentimes families get learning pod support in the form of a teacher or tutor to extend learning. There are many benefits of Learning Pods such as: 

Types of Learning Pods:

  • Self Directed: utilizing a curriculum and instruction method separate from your school 
  • Learning Pod Support: utilizing the curriculum and instruction from your school and supplementing it with external support 

How Leapfrog Learning Tutors can Help Learning Pods: 

Leapfrog Learning Tutors offers Learning Pod Support in-person and online to families or a group of families wishing to have a teacher supplement instruction and curriculum given by a students’ school. Our online platform allows group tutoring on a shared-whiteboard with options for students to download the whiteboard and speech to review at later times. Teachers can help bridge gaps in understanding, facilitate collaboration and discussion, and provide accountability to the group. 

Examples of ways that we can help: 

  • A teacher may come in for 3 hours, twice a week to follow up with homework, facilitate discussion and inquiry amongst their pod, and help with student’s projects 
  • A teacher may come in every day for 1 hour to provide regular accountability and homework help to the pod 
  • A teacher may come in for 3 hours, 5 days a week to provide in-depth support and extend learning for students, pushing students’ learning beyond what the teacher may provide

Our Learning Pod Support is flexible, based on the needs of your pod. We’re offering Learning Pod support in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and York Region including Richmond Hill, Aurora, Vaughan, King City, Thornhill, Markham and Newmarket. If you’re considering putting together a Learning Pod and would like a teacher to help support learning, fill out our contact form and we’d be happy to provide consultation.