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Our tutors are now offering online tutoring! This means we have significantly more flexibility to cater to our students and provide quality instruction and support. Here are a few of the benefits that our online platform offers:

  • Voice and video
  • Shared whiteboard space
  • Sketching and typing on the whiteboard 
  • Sharing of images and files by drag + drop, or taking a picture with your webcam 
  • Sessions are recorded and can be played at  faster speeds to review 
  • Sessions are converted from speech to text so students can look up content for review
  • Whiteboards are sent as a PDF to your email after sessions 

Our online tutoring platform is easy to use, accessed through a web browser or phone and offers a seamless and safe tutoring option for our students. If you’re interested in learning more about online tutoring, fill in the contact form on our website!

  • Voice and Video Communication: Real-time voice and video capabilities allow for a personal connection between tutors and students, mimicking the feel of in-person tutoring sessions. This feature ensures that tutors can provide immediate feedback and clarification on any topic.
  • Shared Whiteboard Space: Both tutors and students can interact on a shared whiteboard, making it easier to solve problems and explain concepts visually. This collaborative tool is perfect for subjects that require diagramming or mathematical equations.
  • Interactive Sketching and Typing on the Whiteboard: Whether it’s drawing complex shapes or annotating texts, the ability to sketch and type on the whiteboard facilitates a dynamic learning environment where ideas can be visually communicated and explored.
  • Effortless Sharing of Images and Files: Our platform supports the drag-and-drop feature for sharing files and images, as well as the capability to upload pictures directly using a webcam. This makes it simple to share resources and materials during the session.
  • Recorded Sessions for Review: All tutoring sessions are recorded, allowing students to revisit their lessons at any time. This is particularly useful for complex subjects that may require multiple reviews. The option to play back these recordings at faster speeds makes revision more time-efficient.
  • Speech-to-Text Conversion: With the innovative speech-to-text feature, students can easily search the session’s transcript to find specific parts of the lesson for review, enhancing their study efficiency.
  • PDF Whiteboard Summaries: After each session, the content of the whiteboard is sent to the student’s email in PDF format. This serves as a valuable study aid, summarizing the lesson and allowing students to easily access and review the material covered.

Our online tutoring platform is intuitively designed for ease of use, ensuring students and tutors can focus on the learning experience without technical distractions. Accessible via both web browser and phone, it provides a flexible and secure educational environment.