Stephanie is the Head Tutor at Leapfrog Learning Tutors. She graduated from the concurrent education program at the University of Toronto and Ontario Institute for Studies in Education with a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Physical Education.

At the age of 15, Stephanie began her journey working with children by volunteering at her church’s summer camp. Throughout university, Stephanie worked closely with the York Region District School Board. For many years Stephanie was a camp leader with the YRDSB’s summer program where she taught literacy, science and math to elementary students. She was also heavily involved with the YRDSB’s initiative to provide small-group tutoring to low achieving students. 

Following graduation, Stephanie built her educational skillset through teaching and tutoring. As a classroom teacher, Stephanie was frustrated by the reality that most teachers face of not being able to devote sufficient one-on-one attention to each student. As much as she wanted to individually support her students, it was not feasible with 75 students of varying learning styles and abilities coming through her classroom every day. On the other hand, as a private tutor, Stephanie saw students greatly benefit from one-on-one support. Students were not only able to clarify subject material and understand it more deeply but also gained a confidence boost and became more self-aware as learners. She saw that with these three key ingredients that her students’ learning, grades and attitude grew tremendously.

With this newfound passion and realization that understanding, confidence, and self-awareness were key components in learning, Stephanie decided to impart this method to others so that more students could succeed in the classroom and in life!